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National recognition for inspiring cyber security professional

28 Mar 2024

National recognition for inspiring cyber security professional

The hard work and achievements of an inspiring colleague, who sadly passed away in February 2024, were formally recognised at a national public health and social care cyber security awards ceremony which took place virtually on Friday 22 March 2024.

Ellis Di Caprio was a much loved and valued member of NHS Informatics Merseyside’s Cyber Security Service, who despite facing health challenges, never let his illness define him and never wavered in his dedication to NHS cyber security and the support that he provided to his team. 

To celebrate his inspiring commitment, competence, caring and supportive approach, team members nominated Ellis for the ‘Individual of the Year Award’ as part of NHS England’s annual Cyber Associates Network (CAN) Awards.

The ‘Individual of the Year Award’ aims to recognise those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide exceptional care and support for colleagues, whilst demonstrating outstanding dedication, competence, conscientious performance, and integrity.

Very sadly, in the timeframe between nominating Ellis and the awards ceremony taking place, Ellis unexpectedly passed away - leaving a deep void in the hearts of all who knew him.

Attending the awards ceremony were members of NHS Informatics Merseyside’s Cyber Security Service who were heartened to learn that their friend and colleague had been awarded not only the ‘Individual of the Year Award’, but also the coveted ‘Pete Rose Outstanding Achievement Award’ in recognition of his unwavering dedication and contributions to NHS cyber security.

Individual of the Year Award and Pete Rose Outstanding Achievement Award

Remembering Ellis, Steven Parker, Deputy Director of NHS Informatics Merseyside and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) said:

“Ellis was one of a kind.  He was exceedingly hard-working, conscientious, and had a genuine passion for his work in cyber security – never resting until he found a solution.

“Beyond his remarkable problem-solving skills and commitment to his work, it was Ellis's selflessness that truly defined him. Always putting others first, he was the teammate you could always count on, the friend you could always turn to.

“His infectious positivity and playful humour filled even the toughest days with laughter and warmth. And amidst it all, Ellis never stopped striving for excellence, constantly pushing himself to grow and improve, not just for his own sake but for the benefit of the entire team. Every task, no matter how small, was approached with meticulous care and dedication, a testament to his deep sense of pride in his work.

“Certainly, there is no one more deserving of these awards and whilst it is extremely sad Ellis is no longer with us, it is heartening to know that his contributions to cyber security have been formally recognised and acknowledged NHS-wide.

“For their contributions as a team, I am also extremely proud of our Cyber Security Service who were highly commended finalists for the ‘Team of the Year Award'. This is a wonderful achievement, which Ellis would have been exceedingly proud of, so a big “thank you” to all within the team.

"As an organisaton, we will never forget Ellis and his legacy will continue to inspire us all. 

A JustGiving page in Ellis’s memory has been set up by his family to raise funds for the New Start Wythenshawe Hospital Transplant Fund, where Ellis underwent a double lung transplant six years ago.