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About us

Founded in October 2006, NHS Informatics Merseyside is an established NHS healthcare technology organisation based in Merseyside, North West England

Our role is to ensure technology and innovation is used effectively as an enabler to better health and care – helping to drive efficiency and support new models of care through improved and more collaborative ways of working.

With over 10 years’ experience, we have gained recognition and a reputation for our professional and enthusiastic approach, providing an extensive range of services to IT users across our NHS partner organisations and customers who include major acute and specialist trusts, community and mental health services, clinical commissioning groups, general practitioners and professional bodies.

As the beating heart of our health service, our doctors, nurses and wider health care professionals rely on having access to timely and accurate information to make informed decisions about care delivery. To support this, and achieve the ambitions of NHS England’s Five Year Forward View and Personalised Health and Care 2020, our aim is for every task a care professional undertakes to be supported digitally - for patient health records to be created, held and accessed electronically and for all care providers to be able to work seamlessly together through IT systems that can communicate and share information, whilst also enabling patients to have more control over their own health and wellbeing.

A decade of success

2016 was a milestone year for NHS Informatics Merseyside which saw us celebrate our ten-year anniversary and look back on a journey which has witnessed some incredible advances in the way technology is used, not only to communicate and go about everyday life, but to transform the way healthcare is delivered. Since our establishment, and through the hard work and enthusiasm of all who work with us, we have made significant progress in achieving our vision and strategic aims, which you can read more about below.

To be an integrated provider

To be an integrated provider

The pressure on organisations to achieve efficiencies while continuing to deliver safe and effective care is continuing to grow, with information technology seen as an important enabler to improving processes, patient outcomes and delivering sustainable care.

Working closely with our partners and customers over the years, we have gained an in-depth understanding of their business and clinical needs. This knowledge has been integral to our success over the past decade and has helped us to develop close working relationships with those we support, further enhanced through our service improvement and workforce development programmes.

To deliver a high quality professional service

To deliver a high quality professional service

We understand that success and the achievement of our vision is only possible through our people – the talent and professionalism of our workforce. Therefore, great emphasis has and continues to be placed on personal and professional development to create an environment that fosters innovation, is supportive and conducive to learning, and helps to maintain high standards of customer care.

To support this, we are committed to training and development, health and wellbeing and equality and diversity, and provide ongoing support through a range of workplace policies.

Through this approach, we seek to maintain a pipeline of talented people who are fully engaged with our vision and values, and are well placed to lead and serve our organisation as we grow together.

Our success in achieving this has been recognised with:

  • Year-on-year improvements in our NHS staff survey results and completion rates, with Informatics Merseyside scoring a highly staff engagement.
  • The achievement of ‘Excellence in Informatics' accreditation from the Informatics Skills Development (ISD) Network for consistent good practice in informatics workforce development.
  • Success in being awarded 'Staff development of the year' over three consecutive years (2014, 2015, 2016) through the Informatics Skills Development (ISD) Network.
Linking strategy, innovation and technology to business and clinical need

Linking strategy, innovation and technology to business and clinical need

We work in partnership with our healthcare professionals to identify ways in which technology and innovation can be used to support service redesign – helping to improve quality, achieve better patient outcomes and deliver a more sustainable service.

Find out more about our IT services and products and read our case studies of how technology and innovation is helping to transform care delivery.