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Strategic IT leadership

The NHS has long been referred to as one of the greatest achievements in our history and was created out of the ideal that good healthcare should be available to all, irrespective of age, health, race, social status or ability to pay.

Strategic IT leadership services provided by NHS Informatics MerseysideWhilst these principles remain unchanged, the world we know today is a very different place to the world of 1948 when the NHS was first established. People are living longer, have more complex healthcare needs and wish to be more involved in their own care. New treatment options are also emerging, and while there is continued effort to improve care quality, there remains significant pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

To address these challenges, the NHS Five Year Forward View identified new models of care underpinned by greater collaboration and information sharing between care providers. This, coupled with the aims of Personalised Health and Care 2020: A framework for action has put technology and innovation at the heart of healthcare reform as a key enabler in supporting people to live healthier lives, while transforming the way health and care services are delivered and experienced.

Working in partnership with our healthcare professionals, Informatics Merseyside identifies innovative technologies and processes to support service redesign – helping to improve quality, achieve better patient outcomes and deliver more sustainable services.

With over ten years’ experience, our informatics experts have a detailed understanding of the digital information needs of the NHS and the strategic environment we operate within. Our aim is to help those we work with define their IM&T strategy, ensuring that it supports their organisation’s overall objectives and the wider NHS digital agenda by providing the right knowledge, skills, technology and tools to enable information to be collected, managed, used and shared effectively to deliver excellence in healthcare.

For more information about the work we are doing surrounding care transformation and how we can support your IT strategy, please get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help.